Friday, February 5, 2016

Craft Room - The woMAN Cave

Since a lot of my post will be about DIY and crafts, goodwill bargains re-finished etc I thought it would be good for my first post to be about my beloved craft room. This is where the magic happens, well there and my basement depending on the size of the project! My hubby and I bought our house 2 years ago and since we don't have kiddos yet, we have plenty of extra space and bedrooms. He got his man cave/room downstairs so it was only fair for me to have my woman cave, naturally I chose for it to be a craft room. Hubby was willing to help create my awesome room thankfully :)!

First, he hung a peg board on one wall for storage baskets and what would become my gift wrapping area. We ordered baskets for it, and I found metal bars at Home Depot for my wrapping paper. Next I found two file cabinets that were the same size (1 was from my mother-in-law and the other I found at goodwill) - on a side will find that I am a frequent Goodwill shopper, and I love to re-finish or re-purpose my goodwill finds! I spray painted my two file cabinets in a fun color and put some poly on to protect them. Then hubby so kindly cut me a large, thick piece of wood to lay across the two painted file cabinets, which became my desk. I love my craft room, and there is a project going on in there pretty much all the time. It's good therapy for me :)

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