Thursday, March 17, 2016

Manly Birthday Cake

For my husband's last birthday I wanted to do something special that he would actually enjoy, plus we aren't huge cake people. So I got the idea of a 'Beer Can Cake' from pinterest and put my own stamp on it. Check out the finished product below!

I bought the following:
2 types of his favorite beers (Sweetwater IPA and Red Hare IPA - both local beers in Atlanta)
several cigars
blue burlap ribbon and orange ribbon (we are Auburn fans :))
some small string or ribbon (this won't show as it will be under the other ribbon)
cardboard cake circle stands (Walmart, Michaels, Hobby Lobby etc)
a bottle of bourbon (I went with one of his faves, Breckenridge)
2 small stick balloons

1 - cover the larger cardboard circle with 1 type of beer and tie a piece of thin string around them to hold them in place
2- set the smaller cardboard circle on top of those beers and make a circle with the other type of beer, then placing the bourbon in the middle, tie another piece of string to hold them in place
3- tie your decorative ribbon over the string into a bow
4- stick the cigars in any gaps you can find
5- stick the balloons in

TaDa! You have a fun beer/bourbon cake your man will love!!


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